From the Archives: Fan Favorites

As I typed that headline, I laughed out loud. To say I have “fans” feels a bit… narcissistic? Though I suppose I do write a blog about my personal life for the world to see, so, why not?

Our Grand American Tour is nearing its end. I have loved seeing all of our family, but I have not loved the transformation of my child into an overtired screaming lunatic. Please pray for those unfortunate enough to be seated next to us on our flight to London – I’m not the kind of mom to pack themed goody bags with earplugs and booze for my airplane neighbors. Sorry, passengers!

I’ve been delighted to hear that word has gotten around that I write a blog that people read. So, if you’ve heard that and are stopping by to see what it’s all about, welcome! Here are some links to my most popular (and some personal favorite) posts.

So without further ado… a few posts from the Top Shelf:

Something fun: Don’t Forget Your Inner Hippie

Something sentimental: Wishes for a Little Sister on Her 30th Birthday

Something practical: Transatlantic Toddler Traveling Tips & My Transatlantic Breakdown

Something about finding my way: New Mom Style & Am I a Housewife?! & Hello, I’m a SAHSSM

And, for nostalgia’s sake: Costa Rica: Day 9 – The Best Day

I’m going to lock in on Transatlantic Parental Survival Mode and then Adventure Recovery Mode and then Deployment Preparation Mode before catching up on the past few weeks. See you when I see you, and…

Enjoy! xx


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