Military Life

What a Week!


First of all, WOW! I’m now a Circle of Moms Top 25 Military Mom!

Yesterday morning I posted on Facebook and emailed some friends that I had a dream of scraping together 100 votes to break into the top ten. And you all really stepped up to the plate for me! I had the #10 spot when I went to bed last night, and it felt awesome to have so much support for what I’m doing.

Since wanting to make the top ten was purely an exercise of my fiercely competitive spirit, it’s perfectly fine by me that the #10 spot was taken back as I slept (by just seven votes). I’m still a Top 25 Military Mom, and in great company! So… thank you, a million times, thank you!


My husband was able to celebrate my birthday with me! One out of three is better than none, I suppose. And, thank goodness for friends. We had a great time going out to dinner with many of our friends here on my big day.

A little girl kissed my little boy on the playground today. I was hoping he’d at least make it to kindergarten.

We’ve heard that my husband is deploying this fall. As much as I don’t want him to be gone (ever, but especially while I’m pregnant and in charge of a toddler), it feels like it’s about time. He has been home (mostly) since October, for crying out loud! I’m grateful he has been around as much as he has, and I’m relieved that he’ll be home well in advance of our due date. (Phew!)

There’s less than one week to pack for our Grand American Tour!

This weekend the squadron is celebrating its 95th anniversary with a slew of festivities. There is a formal dinner, a big BBQ and a “bring the family to work” day Monday. So much celebrating is in store to cap of a celebratory week.

I’m going to look up in what feels like a day and it’s going to be December.

Have a wonderful weekend! Check in next week for some new Transatlantic Toddler Traveling strategies and my must-have American foods (which I’m drooling over in my dreams right now).

Thanks for reading, and… cheers!

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