32 Things

In honor of the reflection that came with my 32nd birthday, a list of 32 things I’ve learned about life and myself:

  1. Nothing can possibly beat the first time your kid wishes you happy birthday.
  2. Letting go – of the past, perfection, possessions – feels good.
  3. Taking care of yourself is NOT selfish.
  4. Real, fresh food always tastes better. If it doesn’t, you did it wrong.
  5. You never know if you’ll like it until you try it.
  6. And after 32 years, I will at last eat raw tomatoes, mayo and cottage cheese. Sometimes.
  7. That said, it’s more satisfying to like what you like than to try to like something you’re supposed to like but don’t. I’m looking at you, Ranch dressing. It’s OK to give up after a while.
  8. Just because everyone says so doesn’t mean it’s right.
  9. Seriously. Don’t use Wikipedia for research papers.
  10. Don’t put anything on the Internet that you wouldn’t want any boss you ever have to see.
  11. Fast cars are fun.
  12. I’d rather have a delicious, expensive meal with friends than a designer anything.
  13. We all need our tribe.
  14. You are the true measure of your worth.
  15. Love is a verb.
  16. It’s OK to like hokey music and clichés.
  17. My happy place is in the sun, in the mid-70s, with those I love and no to-do list.
  18. Thinking for yourself is sexy.
  19. Everyone has a story.
  20. It’s up to People to protect the planet from us. So, hop to it.
  21. Teaching our children wonder and respect (for themselves, the world and others) will make the world a better place.
  22. My greatest fear is causing real harm to another being.
  23. Everything you do and say takes you some place in your life and relationships. And you DO have control over them, if you stop and think before you act or speak.
  24. If you need help, it’s OK to ask for it!
  25. You don’t need as much stuff as you think you do when you travel.
  26. People notice when you send a thank you card. And when it comes to big stuff, they notice when you don’t.
  27. Our education system is broken. Care about it if you care about your nation’s future.
  28. Tricking baby chicks to go down a slide is NOT cute, South Carolina State Fair.
  29. Surprises that you know about aren’t surprises. So don’t tell me one’s coming, or I’ll ruin it.
  30. We all screw up sometimes. Don’t mess up an apology with excuses.
  31. Get outside!
  32. Don’t take family for granted. Just because you’re related doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, too.

I hope you all are having as pleasant a day as I am! Though I’m sorry you don’t get to share the super-sweet hugs and kisses of my insanely adorable little guy. Some of you I look forward to sharing tapas with tonight, some of you I look forward to seeing in the next month, and with some of you I’m sharing an imaginary glass of wine or cupcake if you’re looking for an excuse to indulge.

If you have a second to spare for a quick birthday favor, hop on over to Circle of Moms to vote for my blog in their Top 25 Military Moms list! Voting ends TOMORROW, August 16, and I’m so delighted with the support I’ve received so far (i.e. I’m number 13! Are you kidding me?!?). You can vote now and in 24 hours if you’re feeling generous. Thanks so much!


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