It’s the 2nd Friday of August

My toddler now says “cool” in place of “yes.” Goodness they grow fast! And the summer flies. Can you believe the middle of August is around the corner? I’m preoccupied with things like turning 32, finding a dress for the squadron’s upcoming formal anniversary dinner, and preparing for a three-leg US adventure with my boys. It’s going to be 40 and raining every day before I know it!

So! Some light reading for this weekend:

Should I make these or these for the squadron “hangar bash” next weekend?

I had this dream

Breakfast is becoming my favorite

(Can you tell my appetite has returned? Hello, food!)

I was wondering about this

This Weekend Wish made me smile and think of some very special people

And, finally…there’s less than one week of voting for Circle of Moms Top 25 Military Moms! Won’t you take a second to pop over and vote for Wanderlynn? You can vote every 24 hours between now and August 16, and I really appreciate it!

Have a fun and relaxing weekend!

One thought on “It’s the 2nd Friday of August

  1. I definitely know what I will be enjoying at the hanger bash.
    It seems you love breakfast right now….as do I….but all the time.
    Today I had eggs benedict from Backstreet Bistro….accompanied by a screwdriver….which was on the menu….but I somehow was asked if I was “american” upon ordering.
    And I was “wondering” the same thing….Thanks for the post. <3

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