Grandma’s Guest Post: On Fifty Years of Marriage

As we’re preparing for a big trip to the U.S. for my sister-in-law’s wedding, my thoughts are filled with marriagePlease welcome my favorite guest-poster of all time, my Grandma Sandy, as she shares advice for fifty successful years of marriage. 

Thanks, Grandma!

Fifty years of marriage. How do you get there?

It seems as though soon after marriage we struggle to raise a family. Through all those years you really don’t think much about how beautiful and wonderful the wedding was. You are too busy, exhausted with small children, and wondering how to pay for everything that you think you need.

Celebrating 25 years lets you sit back and reflect how charming and pretty your wedding was. Weddings back in the 50s were rather simple and plain compared to today’s elaborate weddings. Looking back and reflecting after 25 years you feel you have accomplished quite a few important things together.  Those things being a family, a home, and a decent income. 

Fifty years creeps up behind you before you know it. Looking back, I think our biggest role models were Home and Edith, Jim’s mom and dad. [Lynn’s note: These were my great-grandparents. My memories of them are warm, of a kind couple surrounded by family. Lots of family.] Ours has not been a perfect marriage by far, I doubt there are any perfect marriages. It is a constant struggle of give and take even after 50 years. Sometimes you feel you are giving much more than your share, but that is okay. Sometimes that is what it takes to make it work or solve the problems. 

There are a lot of storms in a marriage. There are times when you think you can’t live your whole life like this, but things do get better. One needs to hang in there and let the storm pass. After a storm and the sun begins to shine again things do look much brighter. I doubt that any of us know the secret to a long, happy marriage. It just seems to happen as the years fly by. 

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