Military Life

Like a Deployment Drill

There are certain known truths about our kinds of deployments: stuff always goes wrong at home as soon as they leave, and there will be days of uncertainty about when they’ll actually finally return.

My husband has been home since October. It feels like a freakishly long time. Plenty has probably gone wrong since, but it always feels more manageable (and forgettable) with another responsible adult to help out.

Last week he took a trip back to the States for his future brother-in-law’s bachelor weekend. The plan was to take free Space A (A for “available”) flights to and from our base.

It was as if our deployment currency had expired, and we were required to complete a drill to confirm we could still handle it.

I took Little Guy to his first dentist appointment, alone.

The refrigerator freaked out and froze everything.

Little Guy came down with a high fever that wouldn’t go away. So we went to the ER. And woke up multiple times each night.

I hit a pole in the grocery store parking lot.

A jar of pasta sauce crashed to my kitchen floor.

So on and so on.

My husband tried to come home Sunday night. Flight cancelled.

He tried two flights Tuesday. Both cancelled.

He bought a last minute, next-day plane ticket to London, from another city. Delayed.

I didn’t know he was actually arriving in the UK until I received a text around lunch time today that he had landed.

Just like a deployment!

I’m drained from the past week. Days at home with an impossible-to-please toddler are challenging for me. But! It’s over. The kiddo was so happy to get a big hug from his dad. The weekend is near. And, thankfully, this drill was waaaay shorter than an actual deployment.

My hat’s off to you toddler moms who have been through real deployments of your own!


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