Web Wanderings, July-ish

I think it’s summer! There was hot! Sun! Smiles! Just in time to perk us all up for the Olympics. Though the sun could have stuck around just a little longer…

Are you watching the opening ceremonies? My popcorn’s popped and ready to go – just a few more minutes!

Stay cool and safe from storms where you are, checking out this week’s links:

I want a hedgehog in my garden, ASAP

12 very good things for my son to know

Jane Fonda confirms my suspicion that the stranger who told me that Henry Fonda grew up in my Omaha house is full of it

An awesome giveaway for the CUTEST knitted dolls

Come on and take it!


One thought on “Web Wanderings, July-ish

  1. Lynn we need get you that hedgehog straight away! I think he would be a great asset to your garden. :) Can we buy one somewhere?

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