Last year, it was the sweet corn and lazy thunderstorms that I missed so much about summer in the Midwest.

This year, it’s the fireflies, the chirps of the crickets, and that thing called “the sun.” I really wish I could bottle up some of these rain clouds and ship them to the farms that so desperately need them right now! And while I miss the insects of home, I’m fairly certain I will not miss the slugs of English summers when we return to the US. Ick.

The summer holidays are beginning now, with everyone taking off to Ibiza or the Canaries, it seems, leaving us toddler parents behind without play groups or activities until mid-September.  We don’t have any glamorous family getaways planned mostly because we have a big giant huge trip back to the States at the end of next month. [See you in Minnesota, Indiana or Connecticut!] But it doesn’t mean there aren’t a few fun things on the agenda!

Until next week… some goodies from the web:

Don’t say “cheese”

Some handy household tips, which will explain why I’m about to throw pennies in our flower beds

I think we need all of these

So it’s not just me

I just remembered that I really liked Underworld 15 years ago

Have a great, summery weekend!


One thought on “Un-July

  1. That gorgeous rose photo reminds me of the beautiful roses in Queen Mary’s Gardens in London’s Regent’s Park……While you are missing the sun, we are missing (and needing) some of your rain here in the US. Wish you could ship it over! :)

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