A Little Imagination

Today my big (little) guy came running to me saying, “ax-shew, ax-shew, ax-shew!,” which I know means “castle, castle, castle!” But we were in our back yard. I was certain there were no castles or bouncy castles or anything related to be found.


He wanted to show me the castle he built. (Pictured above.) All of a sudden, my baby has an imagination? Wow!


2 thoughts on “A Little Imagination

  1. Has he seen any real castles (the kind actually made from stones) now that you’re in England? That kid is dreaming big. Now I’m imagining what he could use for mortar…

  2. He has seen several! But he never showed any interest until he discovered the wonder of a bouncy castle. Today I realized how unprepared I am to be a Boy mom when I couldn’t put together his new train track. Maybe it’s better that I’m not anticipating things like what he might someday use for mortar :)

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