Happy Friday!

After a week of colds, ill-timed car naps, bedtime battles and errands, most of my “me” time this week was spent with meaningful email and sleep. So today’s list of links is a recap of the places my mind has wandered:

Occasionally I’ll see a man mending one of those old stone walls you see so often out here. Every time I do, I think it could be such a fulfilling and meditative trade – working outside, laying imperfect stones together to return the wall to whole. Then I think of Robert Frost’s Mending Wall.

Greek salad with grilled lemon chicken and crusty bread – a perfect summer dinner! One of my favorite cookbooks delivered that inspiration last minute; meal planning still isn’t happening.

I saw Moonrise Kingdom Sunday and loved it! But I love Wes Anderson’s stylized surrealities anyway, so is it really a surprise?

While the Mister was enjoying some Spanish sunshine, I bought myself a little treat. Lavender always calms me, and I love catching a whiff of it every time I open my closet.

And… I won a giveaway at Veronica Armstrong’s blog! I’m nervous-excited for a Skype critique by pro photographer Stacie Turner. It will be great for improving my photography skills!

We have a fun-filled weekend ahead – I hope you do, too!


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