We’re In!


We are officially out of our Tiny Sliver of a House and in to our spacious suburban home (and garage). Already I love opening the windows and hearing the rooster down the road call “Good morning!” The rustling of the bamboo out back makes it feel like vacation.

But getting settled is tricky with a toddler, what with him unloading one cabinet while I’m loading up another. Another challenge? Not having enough furniture. That is, until we went to IKEA with the moving van this weekend. Now that challenge is building all of the furniture without waking up the toddler. So I guess that gets back to the toddler.

Anyhoo, we’re loving it. The grassy back yard (er, garden) has plenty of room for Plato and the little guy to run around – together! For a country mouse like me, it’s nice to not have the pressure to hit up a playground every day. In theory that would mean I’d have more time to unpack, but… I suppose I should just get to it.

More on the new place to come as we get settled. And stay tuned for a very cool guest post from my grandma next month!


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