In England

Our Last Night in Town

The move hasn’t left me with much time to wander the web this week, and I feel out of touch with what’s going on out there. But that’s OK.

Today I took my last neighborhood dog walk and snapped the pic above – isn’t the foliage outrageous? It seems there are some benefits to lots of rain and not so much sunshine.

We had our last Friday night Indian takeaway-by-foot.

I’ve begun cleaning kitchen cabinets, those little flecks of food I missed on the radiator behind the high chair and new cobwebs in the corners.

There’s just one basket of toys left for the kiddo to entertain himself with as I make breakfast tomorrow, for the last time in this house, before we move the furniture across town to the new place.

It’s hard to believe a year has passed already! I wonder what about that year will stick as our family timeline grows longer and turns it into a blip? (Surely it won’t be how the toilet seat falls into the toilet when you sit on it.)

Next time… from the ‘burbs. Have a great weekend!


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