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Wah-wah Wednesday

This week so far has been…trying. Suddenly my super-duper independent toddler has become super-duper demanding of my attention. As in, cry-for-mom-so-hard they’ll track her down at the gym demanding. Telling me to “it” next to him on the couch to read to him, literally shoving books in my face if I don’t move fast enough. Plus, we’re at a grand total of 2 hours for napping this week so far. I’m on edge. But at least I know it.

My immediate instinct for an interrupted nap that can’t be saved (thankyouverymuch, Plato) is to GET OUTSIDE. You haven’t showered today and it’s 7 hours until bedtime? There’s no other option. Thankfully today was rain-free.

Today we hit up our town’s market, for avocados, English strawberries, eggs and bread. (But the cheese is always tempting.)

We stopped for a coffee date, where I treated my guy to a baby-ccino that was met with disapproval.

We chased ducks, pigeons and squirrels.

We played in the sand pit.

We wandered amongst ruins.

And, somehow, I convinced him to have a seat in his stroller while I wandered about sniffing and snapping photos of flowers.

I spotted a peony and wanted to see if the smell took me back home to Indiana. It did! I wonder if its fragrance will eventually remind Walden of me (forcing him to take a whiff every time I spot one)?

Anyhow. We get the keys to our new place the day after tomorrow. I suspect we’ll have a couple more unsettled weeks ahead. So I’m thinking I should plan a reward for the arrival of July as a little motivator. Any suggestions?


4 thoughts on “Wah-wah Wednesday

  1. You take beautiful pictures! I love that peony one especially. And it sounds like (and looks like) you had a marvelous day, despite despite despite. Any chance for a July get-away to rejuvenate?

  2. Thank you!
    You know, I swept up a random “Spain” from the kitchen floor last night. Maybe it’s a sign?

  3. Your photos really are beautiful. So nice that you captured the good in a day that wasn’t all that promising to start with.

  4. Thanks, Cat! It was really nice to be able to spend a little time doing something for me, together.

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