In England

Cambridge in My Camera

This weekend I dove into my first book club in Cambridge and, afterward, convinced a friend to roam about on a photo safari with me.

Cambridge isn’t far from us, and since a few friends live there, I feel like it’s no big deal to go whenever I want. So capturing all of the quintessential “Cambridge” moments wasn’t what I was after; in some cases it just happened. I used my e-course assignment to find my initials high, low and in abstract form as our guide…but sometimes my eye can be captivated by other things. (You’ll see what I mean.)

Mostly? I just wanted to practice shooting in manual. So. For fun, here are some of my silly shots, with descriptions below!

1 – Great St. Mary’s Church, across from Kings College, reflected in heart-shaped sunglasses
2 – B is for Bicycle
3 – I looked down. Random, really.
4 – A sparkly dachshund, for two specific people. You know who you are!

One thought on “Cambridge in My Camera

  1. Great post Lynn! I’m sorta partial to Cambs though. ;-) At first I didn’t even notice the church in the glasses. B is for Beha. And it appears manual is quite becoming for you.

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