Our 7th Anniversary

Seven years ago today, in Indiana, there was nearly a tornado and there was definitely a wedding.

We may have left the marriage certificate behind in the bustle of the last minute venue change, and the DJ may have been a jerk, but I wouldn’t change anything about that day.

Especially not my chocolate ganache cake with raspberry filling and chocolate frosting. (Mmmmm, cake.)

Last night we went out for burgers with the kiddo as kind of a celebration. (Not to worry, I’m getting my super-fancy-extra-delicious decadent grown-up anniversary meal later this week.) Celebrating with a toddler is a different kind of special, but we had a nice time as a little family. When I think of it, I’ll remember the photos of the Queen lining the wall for her Diamond Jubilee (because, wouldn’t it happen that someone has a pretty remarkable landmark celebration on the same day?).

As we were packing up to leave, “Les Champs-Elysees” played over the speakers. A touch of romance! Reminding me of our honeymoon, of the last stage of the Tour de France, of the collective joy that’s felt by thousands of people coming together to cheer and celebrate. The song makes me happy, so I’m sharing it with you today:


The road we’ve travelled is certainly less glamorous than Champs Elysees, but it’s what makes us “us.”

Here’s to many more happy anniversaries with my favorite guy!

One thought on “Our 7th Anniversary

  1. Hey, thanks for your comments & blog visit, via ‘Exploring..’, and belated anniversary Congratulations to you. I love this song, (and all of France in fact) and coincidentally with Susannah’s email today, it’s in the Darjeeling Ltd which is one of my favourites, and I’d just pulled it out to watch it again this week when her email came through. A weekend of serendipitous connections!

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