Wishes for a Little Sister on Her 30th Birthday

The passage of time seems more real to me as the people in my life hit their milestones. It seems there’s no remarkable difference between one age and the next, a technical shift that happens in a day. But celebrating the big days of the people I’ve known all of my or their lives makes the difference clearer – I can remember who we each were at the last milestone and how much we’ve changed since.

Today my little sister celebrates her 30th birthday. Like, woah. Weren’t we just kids sneaking into the hayloft to find kittens? Pretending that a tornado hit the Barbie Dream House to justify the utter chaos within? Eating fudge-stripe cookies off our pinkie fingers and watching Hey, Dude at Grandma’s after school?

Of course, at the same time, that feels like ages ago. Because it was, and because so much happens in life between childhood and the moments you reflect on it.

For some, the path from youth to adulthood goes exactly as planned, fulfilling dreams every step of the way. For most of us, it’s rare to end up where we thought we were going. Sometimes that diversion is filled with joy, sometimes it’s filled with obstacles. But it’s the path that teaches us the lessons that shape who we are.

A woman I admire once told me that being in your 20’s is like being an infant all over again – you have to learn how to live as an independent adult; how to talk the talk of your business, walk the walk of your relationships. These years reveal our strengths and weaknesses as young professionals and partners in life. Some people embrace them and thrive, others start a new journey that yields new things.

There’s no magic switch that will flip and make it all clear for my little sis, but I can still wish for great things for her on this landmark birthday.

So here are the things I wish for my little sister on her 30th birthday:

Peace, in understanding your strengths and having confidence in them, in believing in your goodness, and knowing that good will come from all of it.

Joy, in finding what you love and surrounding yourself with those who empower you to fill your life with it.

Stillness, in savoring this moment without interference of the past or future.

Love, for the remarkable person you are and for those who help you realize it.

I wish I were there to celebrate with a pretty hike, a picnic and tons of laughs. And of course I’d let you make fun of me all you want for putting this hippie-dippy post out there, because I’m old enough to know that I don’t care how much of a dork you think I am.

Have a happy, happy birthday, little sis. I love you no matter how old you make me feel.


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