In England

You Know It’s May When

I spotted a poppy! They bloom everywhere out here this time of year. While it’s pretty much a weed, the poppy is a symbol of remembrance for those fallen in WWII.  Poppies were one my favorite things to see upon arrival last year, and seeing them again is a reminder of how quickly time is passing. They – and the sunshine! – remind me that summer’s nearly here.

(And a fun little side note, I happen to love a Kees van Dongen painting named “The Corn Poppy”.)

Growing up in Indiana, I would know summer was around the corner when the peonies would bloom. Soon would come race day (the Indy 500, that is), when my mom would lather on baby oil to sunbathe on her plastic tube beach chair while listening to the race on the radio. My sister and I would have some small chores to do and try to peacefully co-exist under the bright sky, usually with me trying to read a book under a tree and her complaining that I’m boring.

It’s funny, the little details that stick with you over time to remind you of the passing of seasons.

What are some of your favorite signs that summer is around the corner?


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