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A Day We Both Grew Up

It was a bright sunshiny day here in England! So sunshiny, in fact, that at 9:30 pm as I start this, it’s still not dark. It will be fine – I have coffee for the morning when the world decides to wake at 0400.

Something curious has happened over the last couple of days, since Mr. W hit the 18 month mark. He’s growing up, you see.

For one, he’s growing. You’ve never seen something so tiny put away so many blueberries and hummus. He’s taller, so I’m glad his recent middle of the night milk demands are paying off.

Also: in 2 days’ time, he has demonstrated to me that he can, in fact, climb all the way to the top and slide all the way down by himself. He can step up and step down. He can hold his own against a giant 4 year old who’s playing “get the pretty baby.” He can carry a bucket of rocks three blocks, he can run ahead without fear, he can spend an hour playing in a new nursery without batting an eye. He can demand I help him practice his words and animal sounds the entire drive home.

Basically, he’s convinced me that we’re doing a good job, and that he’s ready for a bigger adventure.

We had a magically fun day today. The kind of day that I can feel good about as a stay-at-home mom. But the truth is, most days aren’t so playful. Most days I have to cook us all real food and do many more chores. Most days don’t accommodate playing in the park past nap time. And most days out of summer are just cold and dreary. So.

We’re considering part-time nursery, just a couple of mornings a week. It’s an idea we’ve tossed around for a while, my husband more seriously than me. I’ll admit I’m enamored with the idea of a teeny bit of time each week to focus on the things I want to get done. But I’ll also admit that I’ve felt like it would be a bit of an indulgence. Up until now.

Now I see that he’s craving more connections, more stimulation, more to explore. After that hour in the nursery, I saw a world of possibility for learning that I couldn’t even dream of creating. Especially because every activity that I’ve tried from Pinterest has been a complete dud.

It feels like it’s time to let my little birdie test his wings a bit… would you agree?

4 thoughts on “A Day We Both Grew Up

  1. Hi Lynn,
    Loved your the day we both grew up article and thought I would post something for you to consider before placing Walden in the nursery. Is the nursery the same thing as a daycare here in the states? You are right that he is going to get lots of great social interaction but the trade off is getting sick more. My pediatrician told me that there has to be fewer than six kids in an environment before you get the benefits of less germ spread. Of course, every kid reacts differently to germ exposure. Tom was in daycare from the time he was nine months old. His biggest health issues were non-stop ear infections. Jack, however, turned out to be a very different story. He contracted RSV when he was only five months old and has had serious respiratory issues since including 5 bouts of pneumonia. That’s why I finally quit my job at Zaiss last January. As soon as I pulled him out of daycare, the sicknesses have practically ended. I don’t think Jack’s case is typical and I certainly don’t want to spook you with this info. I just want to recommend that if the choice is there, keep him out of daycare (even if it is only a couple of days a week) at lease another six months to a year to give him time to grow even stronger. He will be in a much better position to fight off the bugs that he will encounter at daycare.

  2. Hi Katie!!
    I’m not surprised about the sickness, but, poor Jack! That’s a lot. I’m glad he’s doing better.

    W has been picking up an icky bug about every 2 months from the drop in care at my gym. It’s no fun even when it’s not serious. Are you staying home with Jack? What do you do to stay sane?? :) I could imagine getting through summer…maybe the fall would be a smart time to start.

    Good to hear from you!

  3. Yes, I’ve been home full time since January. It’s been a big transition to say the least. I found that having a schedule makes all the difference for us. If I don’t, then Tom and Jack will entertain themselves which never has a good outcome! My goal is to try and stay home until Jack is three and starts preschool, but we’ll see. Hopefully my sanity will hold out that long!

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