18 months (already!)


My son is now 18 months old. That would be 1.5 years.

I’m wishing that I had put forth some effort in tracking his development, a la my friend PJ at Bunny & Dolly. Each month she posts a sweet letter to Levi about all that’s changing, with a photo of him in the same chair with the same adorable doll. That way, the little things aren’t forgotten AND you can actually see how much the guy has grown. (PS, if you’re a new mama or mom-to-be, I highly recommend you check out her blog!)

Me, I posted random monthly photos to Facebook for friends and family and started keeping a “Dear W” journal (sometimes).

Guess how much I forget already?

So, without further ado, here is where I mark the record with my “OMG I can’t believe it he’s getting so big and I hope he still loves me when he’s away at college” post. Or, another one of my “I don’t want to forget this” kind of posts.

Author’s note: I completed the list below before tonight’s epic bedtime melodrama, which included very convincing pleas of starvation that were followed by gagged-on-and-spit-out banana-that-wasn’t-the-cheese-I-meant-when-I-asked-for-banana, a bit of cheese, two bites of a cracker, some chewed-up-and-spit-out shells and veg, a ton of milk and two toothbrushings. But no animal crackers. Or stinky diapers.

At 18 months…(there’s so much to say!)

  • He is increasingly awesome each day. Seriously.
  • He has many words. I’ve lost track of how many. They usually aren’t very obvious, unless they are “rock,” “duck,” “cheese,” “juice,” “dad” or “mama.” The most confusing is the word he uses for “hat,” “hug,” “light” and “apple.” That word is “ass.” While “cop-cop” could be confusing out of context, he’s usually pointing at the tractor, helicopter or pine cone to which he’s referring. “Eye” and “ear” are only pronounced clearly when accompanied by a poke or pull. At least it’s followed by laughter.
  • His favorite foods change, but you can count on him to eat any kind of cheese, any fruit and hummus by the spoonful. And while he does feed himself, it gets messy fast. Good thing he’s so cute.
  • He will eat dust bunnies just for the attention.
  • He and Plato have worked out a peace agreement. One hug and nice pets are OK. The ear pulling and eye poking has subsided. (For the dog, at least. Mom only hopes to be so lucky.)
  • The kid loves his music. Daily we rock out to The Muppets Soundtrack, and he’ll smile and dance and tap his fingers together like he’s trying to snap. He’ll sing “Elmo’s Ducks” if he spots Elmo anywhere. It sounds like “oooh-uck! AAACKKK.” He’ll bust a move in public if he hears the Black Eyed Peas or if we’re walking by H&M. It’s kind of a waddle-spin moving grooving thing, and it’s darling. Like when he plays kazoo to “Moves Like Jagger.”
  • He has an extra tooth. We’re at 17 now, waiting for the back four molars. The extra is a supernumerary tooth. I call it a genius tooth. It’s a bad play on wisdom teeth, get it?
  • He is majorly into: trucks, dump trucks, garbage trucks, cement mixers, tractors, buses, airplanes, trains (OMG Thomas!, or “tas!”), fire engines, dogs, rocks and Mega Blocks. And books, thank heavens my guy likes his books. Especially Dear Zoo, 5 Little Ladybugs, The Best Mouse Cookie, The Going to Bed Book, Goodnight Moon and Go, Dog. Go!
  • Speaking of 5 Little Ladybugs… he counts! I mean, he doesn’t say “One, two, three, four, five,” but he points at each thing we’re counting and says “do.” Though he does seem to say “dos” for “two.”
  • He doesn’t really seem to know colors. Kind of, but not really. So I’d say no.
  • He makes animal noises! And train/fire truck/police car noises. I should get video.
  • He’s moving at a speed that makes me regret my enthusiasm for his early walking. While he’s pretty much running, he’s also starting his conditioning for the Olympics. High knees, gallops, climbing, soccer kicks (oh yeah, he can say “GOL!”), spin moves, squats, almost-jumps… we’re all itching for a yard.
  • I think he knows what a circle is. He can definitely find the mouse in all of the scenes in “Goodnight Moon.”
  • He thinks it’s SO COOL that I can turn Play-Doh into a ball. He also amuses me by scribbling with crayons sometimes, but I think it’s just so he can watch me pick them up when he throws them.
  • Buckling the plastic buckles on the backpack…who knew it could be so much fun?
  • Child can STACK some blocks! But only for the sake of knocking them down.
  • He acts like he wants to use the toilet. Whaaaaaa? I am so not prepared to potty train. But he now has a potty anyway.
  • I can’t understand how someone so tiny can do so many grown-up things! Maybe it’s best that I still have to hold him up to the sink to brush his teeth.
  • The best thing in the world: a big BIG hug from him. He burrows in and holds his breath… then if you ask him for a kiss, he closes his smiley little mouth and comes at you, “mmmmmmmm-ah!”

So, in conclusion, at 18 months my child is small but mighty amazing. He may be in the 5th percentile in size (and still wearing 12 month clothes), and full of snot, but, wow. He’s independent, sweet, adventurous, inquisitive and JUST adorable. I don’t know how I lucked out in being the mama to this guy.

[I love you for exactly who you are, peanut. xo]


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