Military Life

On Friends

One of the most difficult things about moving is leaving behind old friends. Or at least I think so.

I learned this in the years between high school and the beginning of our Air Force life, but I forgot the feeling as our new friends started leaving us behind in Omaha.

Then (6 years later) we hopped the pond.

There were so many quiet evenings here, when I had little to do but hope my baby stayed asleep so that I could have a break. I would wonder what my friends were doing back in Omaha. Holidays would roll around and I’d wonder how different the festivities were without us there. Our friends started growing their families, and Wally’s buddies started hitting big milestones. We witnessed it all on Facebook, and wished we could be there to celebrate.

It sucked, knowing that their lives were going on without us. In a way, I mean. Of course you want your friends to be happy and all that. And obviously they go on doing their things. It’s just a bummer to no longer be a part of it.

Then there was the work of finding new friends, building a new family. The fits and starts of “dating” new friends, as I looked for my place here. That unsettled time can be lonely. Eventually we all find those friends, though. But in this military life, they all leave, too.

But the beauty of it is that, though we’re constantly scattering with the wind, we always have a friend somewhere. Maybe we don’t keep in touch very often or vey well, but we know that we can track them down some day and catch up.

Last Friday a couple we befriended in Omaha (and haven’t seen together in 5 years) rolled through town for a night. We’re not exactly a convenient diversion from Paris to London. Or on the way at all. But they took the train up to see me and the kiddo anyway. (PS, It was enough just to see them, but they brought some lovely Lenotre macarons, too!)

Anyhow, they live in Hawaii for now. And some day they’ll live somewhere else. Having friends here, there and everywhere is a very cool perk of this life. So, while I still miss those friends I’ve left behind, I look forward to the chance to meet up some day, in some other place.


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