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The Funny Things I’m Sure to Forget

We’ve found a house! We just have to wait for all of the proper “bits & bobs” to be “sorted” with the base housing office, sign the lease, then pack up all our belongings and move across town. I’m very excited, and certainly won’t at any time soon become the least bit stressed about moving again. No, certainly not.

I am starting to develop a case of what I call “advance nostalgia” for things like our gorgeous pine floors, bright kitchen and proximity to town center. But there are some really funny things about where we live that I’ll want to remind myself of when I feel actual nostalgia. Because we all know the grass is always greener… and my memory can be really selective.

  • We have no grass! Great for my laziness, terrible for our dog and toddler.
  • Sometimes rain leaks through the gap under the front door. The dog barks at it.
  • I’ll admit it. We wore sleeping bags to watch TV in the winter.
  • Our hall runner from Omaha was too wide for our entrance hall. I have mastered the Grand Exit, with the big stroller, the kid, and the dog. We’ve only gotten stuck on the radiator once or twice.
  • My husband has to take the mirrors off of his motorcycle to push it up the step to park it in our front “garden.”
  • You can feel a breeze through the front window.

There’s actually not much to complain about here that has nothing to do with our unnecessary amount of Stuff. Other than the 3rd bedroom including some ridiculously steep narrow stairs and slanted walls (terrible for a toddler OR a parent waking up in the middle of the night, should either need to make a home there). We’re just coming to terms with what is comfortable to us.

We’re approaching our anniversary of moving here. It was terrifying, exhilarating, and, ultimately, transformative. Now that I’m put back together from the whole experience, I plan to share some things I’ve learned here on my blog. Hopefully it will help me keep my perspective as we move… and it would be a bonus if someone else finds it useful, too!

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