Military Spouse Bloghop – Hi!

Am I fashionably late to the Military Spouse Bloghop?

Friends & family who have no idea what I’m talking about… I’m doing some virtual networking! Cool, huh? (Have you ever heard of a bloghop? I think it’s great that and have organized this.)

Those of you who are here for the Bloghop, welcome!


Hi! I’m Lynn. You’ll find me around as “wanderlynn.” I promise I started writing this as soon as I heard about it two days ago, but then my toddler spiked a fever while my husband was TDY and friends from our last base rolled through town (from Hawaii, no less). But you know how that goes.

I met my husband just before he joined the Air Force. The idea of traveling the world was magical! Then we were stationed in Omaha, Nebraska, for our first six married years together. I worked in marketing and started this blog as a little thing to do for fun. (That’s us on vacation in Costa Rica 3 years ago, with no phones, internet or TV. We probably had just hiked a volcano. It was awesome.)

Then (just about) 18 months ago we had our (breathtakingly awesome) son. I refer to him as Prince Walls and other silly things that relate to his name but aren’t his name. One of my grandmas has warned me to “be careful” enough times in my life that sometimes I am. Though I’ve started blogging more in the mean time.

I’m from the Midwest. Somehow it didn’t occur to me that I would stay home with a kid… but I decided to for at least a few months after Slim Dub was born. Then…

We PCSed to England a year ago. Not London, but you all probably get that. I am so glad to have the opportunity to be here!

We’re moving into a bigger house next month and I’m still in the Excited phase. We’ll see how I feel when we start packing.

We have a dog named Plato. He’s ridiculous.

I like to see new places and am starting to figure out how to do it with a toddler in tow. I’m trying to get psyched about history, being in Europe and all, but I’d rather retreat into the woods (with coffee) most of the time. Unless we’re talking about food, in which case, I’m there. Especially if it’s at a farmers’ market.

I write about all of these things here (and post pictures of them over here), and I do hope you stick around! You can snag my RSS feed or sign up for email updates to the right. I do the Twitter, too.

And while you’re here, won’t you tell me a little about your blog in the comments? I’d love to connect.

Cheers, y’all!

10 thoughts on “Military Spouse Bloghop – Hi!

  1. Hi! I am stopping by from the Blog Hop! We would love to be stationed in England but my husband’s job doesn’t take us there. Since we are in Germany, England is one of our stops! We are learning how to travel with a little as well! Can’t wait to read more post! Tschuss! Amanda

  2. Oooo, Germany sounds great, too! Thanks for stopping by! I look forward to getting ideas of where to go when we finally make it to Germany :)

  3. Hi! Stopping in from the blog hop. It’s better late than never right? Glad you guys got to be stationed in England. Hope it’s awesome. We recently got stationed in Germany and I’m loving it here.

  4. Wow, England! How exciting :) Your little boy is so cute & the pic with your dog & the teddy bear made me laugh! Happy MilSpouse Appreciation & Mother’s Days! I’m off to read more of your blog :)


  5. Hiya! Yes, being in England is awesome. Especially because we get to do things like take weekend trips to Germany someday if we get our act together :)

  6. Welcome!! It is a rich and complex experience, for sure. But I think we all start to get that time flies. Each assignment comes and goes before you know it, and you realize that the adventure totally outweighs the frustration.
    Glad to “meet’ you!

  7. Hello! I’m coming over from the blog hop. England sounds exciting, although I’m with you about retreating into the woods!

    It’s nice to meet you!

  8. Close proximity to other countries is definitely a perk. We haven’t gotten things together yet to go outside of Germany (I don’t even have my tourist passport lol) but I am definitely hoping to hit some other countries before our time is up here.

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