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Country Mouse

You know the classic City Mouse & Country Mouse tale, right?

Right now I feel like a country mouse.

I really hope what I’m about to say doesn’t come across as whiny and ungrateful. Rather, I’m trying to be honest in my defeat. I thought I was hip and with it, one of the cool kids who would love living in town and parking on the street. But, the truth is, I’m just kind of a crabby ol’ mom.

I want my SPACE, y’all. I don’t want my walls touching anyone else’s walls. I don’t want anyone else parked on my sidewalk. I want a riding lawn mower to park in a barn/garage.

OK, so I’d rather hire a lawn service, you got me there. What I mean is, I tried the “city” living with a toddler, and it’s not for me. (Go ahead and laugh, Manhattan. I’m blazing my own brand of cool over here.)

The thing is, if we ran out to the country, I’d start to feel like a city mouse. After all, it has been more than a decade since I’ve actually lived “in the country.” Sometimes a girl just needs someone else to make her a latte within the half hour, you know?

Our lease runs up very soon, so we’ve started new rental home shopping. It seems like SUCH a pain to move after just a year, particularly after living for six in our one (big huge lovely wonderful) house in Omaha, but it’s just not desirable to stay. At times I get advance nostalgia for our cute little townhouse (frequently referred to here as our “sliver of a house”). Then I try to park after 4pm in the rain with a trunk full of groceries and a screaming toddler.

We need a yard for the dog, as the toddler is increasingly unwilling to stay in the stroller for long walks. We need a yard for the toddler, as he is increasingly mobile. My husband would like to have a place to park my his motorcycle without taking off the mirrors. A place to park a bicycle without it being completely inaccessible or in the way.

Yes, those things are all luxuries, but, the thing is, we don’t HAVE to live without them. Our in-town trial was totally self-imposed. So we might be high-tailing it to the ‘burbs (which, by the way, are NOT far, unlike what we know back in the States). Maybe we’re swinging too far in the other direction, but we don’t expect to find a Dundee neighborhood here. Instead, we just expect to find some space to exhale. And park.

A note about the image: That’s where I come from. Snapped with my iPhone early one morning in March while I was home with the kiddo.

2 thoughts on “Country Mouse

  1. Lynn,
    I love the photograph (makes me a little nostalgic as well) and I love reading your blog!

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