On Blogging (This Blog)

This funny thing has happened, where this blog (the one you’re reading, that is) has become a little dear to me.

I started it nearly 4 years ago as a thing to do, just ‘cuz. A couple of friends had blogs, so I thought, “why not?” I would post when things were good, or when I was brimming with inspiration. Then there was a time when things weren’t so good. You know, a miscarriage, my parent’s divorcing, being pregnant alone, being a new mom alone, being a new mom with a (how do I put it?) “extraordinarily exhausted” husband, preparing to move to a new country with an infant, for example. (That old chestnut.)

I regret that I didn’t write about those times here. This could have been a place to connect with other women going through the same things. Maybe I didn’t know how to translate my feelings at the time. Maybe I didn’t believe I was a “writer” who could write about those things.

Mostly, I was emotionally, physically and mentally exhausted from the stress of my job and all of those crappy things. And definitely a little uncertain of what would happen if I did put them out there.

Then we moved to England and this blog became a way to share our new life with friends and family back in the States. Our life and the baby became settled and I found this to be a place to exercise my brain a bit. Then new friends started telling me how much they relate to what I write. Then people I’ve never met started commenting and liking my posts.

The creative writing course I took this winter confirmed that my skill for developing characters and dialogue and plots is exactly as large as my tolerance for mayonnaise (which is at least slowly improving with time). But it taught me this: I really enjoy writing.

Yes, I really enjoy writing. Who knew?

Despite how much I looked forward each week to hearing my classmates read their work, I decided not to enroll in the next session of that writing course. The truth is, it’s like some kind of flood gate was opened – forcing myself to sit down and write those assignments inspired me to think more about writing in general. I would like to take the time I spent on the class to write more here.

Who knows where it will lead. (Could I keep “Wanderlynn” if I had a particular destination and deadline?) I hope you continue to wander along with me on this journey of discovery. After all, there’s a lot in store for us this year: the Queen’s Jubilee (also, ahem, our 7th wedding anniversary, thankyouverymuch), the Olympics, a new home, my sister-in-law’s wedding, our first adults-only vacation since becoming parents?, a trip to Wales?, a trip to Athens?…and so much more.

Of course, if there’s anything you’re just dying to hear about, please let me know! I’d love to share.

Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “On Blogging (This Blog)

  1. definitely keep up with the written meanderings as well as your actual wanderings, Lynn!. Glad the course inspired you with your own writing. I miss hearing your great little pieces of Americana :-).

  2. You know, Lorna, I was actually thinking about the little pieces of home I wrote about… maybe I can talk myself into a regular Homesick feature? :)

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