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A Getaway Weekend

I’ve paid for it today (thankyouverymuch toddler who woke up early, napped too short and asked for daddy all afternoon), but I snuck away for the weekend.

It was my first time away from my little guy for an entire day (wake up, meals, bedtime, night wakings included) since, um, forever. I’ve spent all of nearly every day for the last 17.25 months with him, with just a few exceptions. (Here’s where I thank his daddy and a variety of grandparents for those exceptions.)

It feels like a really long time to me, but I know there are so many other women who really don’t ever have a chance to get away. And there are probably so few Americans who can get out and do what I did for my little getaway. So I’m enormously grateful to have had the opportunity to do this.

I went to Sweden?

A friend stalked RyanAir for cheap airfare, so that’s how it went down. (By cheap, I mean cheaper than Priceline in 1999 cheap.) I said I’d go wherever. And so I went.

I promise to get around to a Really Useful Post about Stockholm. For now, though, I’m going to kick back, relax and imagine the Swedish massage I didn’t have time for.


One thought on “A Getaway Weekend

  1. That’s the beauty of living in the UK, we are near so many other exciting places and you can get cheap travel if you look around. I went to Guernsey for the day last weekend, £18 return on the ferry. Bargain! And we had a great day with 10 hours on the island.
    Love reading about your little one. Enjoy this time with him… he will grow quicker than you think.

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