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I Did Some Math

Last night I asked my husband to remind me of all of his deployments. We were able to track down all 28 of his TDYs, from a few days in Texas to months in the desert. All said and done, he has been gone 933 days since he was commissioned. Add in OTS, and we’ve been apart because of his job more than 1,000 days since we met.

He always reminds me that, in anything in life, someone has it better and someone has it worse. I’m not complaining, I’m just telling you how it is.

We have been apart for 2.3 years of our marriage. Which may or may not sound like a lot to you. (That’s about 30%.) To me, it just feels normal. When I say that all I want for my birthday is to spend it with my husband, I really truly mean it – because he has missed half of them.

In the beginning, we knew he would be gone about 100 days per year. But somehow it seemed like it would eventually change. That after a few years he would be gone less. Then in 2010 he was gone twice as much.

It’s rare that we get a stretch of 6 months or longer together. And here we are (unless you count my 3 weeks in Indiana against us). I want to celebrate a little, but I’m also afraid that acknowledging it will jinx us. It turns out I really like having him around.


2 thoughts on “I Did Some Math

  1. It’s a tough road, for sure. I’ve found in reporting I’ve done that the spouse/friends/family left behind have a more difficult job ahead of them then their Soldier, Airman, Marine…keep your chin up.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement! I think we often only realize it after the fact – we just go on doing what has to get done!

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