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What I Didn’t Know I’d Miss About England

Let me start by saying that I omitted the obvious “friends and family” from my last post about America on purpose, because I also miss my friends and family in England, and I knew I’d miss them all anyway. So, know you aren’t taken for granted.

As promised, here are the things I didn’t expect to miss about England!

  • Roundabouts. You know you’re in America when there are four stopped trucks at an intersection with drivers looking around at each other, waiting for someone else to go.
  • Proximity. While there’s a certain luxury to driving everywhere, I do miss being able to get to everything I need on foot.
  • Green-ness. I’m always shocked by how green the fields are year-round.
  • Cheese. Have I mentioned how much more amazing the cheese is over there? Mmmm, so good.
  • Teens. I can be such a cranky old mom, but, really, I find people watching hilarious there. You should SEE what those kids are wearing these days! It’s a far cry from the collegiate sweats I spotted all over Purdue’s campus last week.

People ask if I enjoy living over there, and I always say yes! This year is quite the year to be in England, with the Queen’s Jubilee and the Summer Olympics. And I admit I’m not disappointed to miss a year’s worth of political campaigning and all of that nastiness. Our time there is already flying. I wonder what I’ll miss after we move for good?


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