From the Girl on the Stairmaster

I can do pushups. Real pushups. Not many more than 10 at a time on a good day, but I can do them.

I can sense the jiggling ladies on the (formerly) FLABeLOS machine pausing from their books and glancing sideways at me while I do them.

Look, I’m far from fit (and will never be an underwear model). I’ve only belonged to my gym for a few weeks, and two of those weeks we were sickies and didn’t go.  But I’ve figured out that one must exert some effort to become strong and healthy, so, I do. (Sometimes, to be fair.)

One of the most important realizations I’ve had in my life (after rum + sugary mixer = ???) is that being healthy isn’t an exercise plan, or a diet, but a lifestyle. Yeah, I ripped that from Shape magazine 10 years ago, but it works.

I’m kind of on a typical winter bender of cheese and bread and chocolate and so on, as I dream of the days the markets are stocked with decent produce again. So exercise right now is important to me for feeling well. I crank up some (probably embarrassing to make public) jams and push my legs and arms to work harder.

I have fewer problems with my back when I’ve been lifting weights. I have more energy for walking to town when I’ve been exercising. I’m a much more pleasant person to be around when I can burn off my anxiety on a Stairmaster. And it would be unfair for me to not say that I feel a lot better about myself when I feel like I have something like muscles in here.

As hard as it is to get to the gym sometimes, I always leave applauding myself for taking care of myself. For some reason I always remember that I’m 31 when I leave the gym. It’s as if I think I deserve some kind of recognition for understanding now that exercise is just something I have to do for the long term, like a retirement plan.

I’m grateful that I enjoy using the gym, and I know many people don’t. I do believe there is some kind of exercise that’s enjoyable to each person. Maybe it’s dance, or martial arts, or cycling, or hiking, or basketball… whatever it is, I challenge you to get in some exercise this week and see how you feel. Share what you enjoy in the comments below!

3 thoughts on “From the Girl on the Stairmaster

  1. I admire you for going to the gym! I cannot stomach moving around inside from machine to machine, so I need to be doing something outside that can cleverly be masked as exercise- something like walking and talking with a friend, gardening (although I suck at it), kicking a ball around, or anything else that SEEMS fun while only FEELING like exercise later. ;) lol

  2. Yes! I hear ya. I find it’s harder to be inside when the weather doesn’t suck. Of course, then I want to want to run, but never do, so… sneaky exercise is the way to do it. I guess we’ll see how well this kick holds up once spring rolls around.

  3. I’ve been living on the elliptical machine as of late. No more excuses for being fat and lazy for me. =)

    I need to get on the weights but its boring alone. I need a late night work out buddy. That makes the gym more enjoyable.

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