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And This is Life

As I was comfortably rocking my feverish kiddo at 4 a.m. I remembered the days (months, really) between when we and our stuff arrived here. He was sleeping in a Pack ‘n Play and all of his clothes were stored in a suitcase. He would wake up 1-2 times each night. I would perform a masterful diaper change on the floor and then sit against a wall to feed him.

It feels so much longer than 6 months ago.

I realized that there are many things about our life that get edited out of my blog posts and Facebook updates. My friends who keep detailed blogs of their babies’ development are on to something! So in the spirit of not losing the little memories of the past couple of weeks, here’s a recap:

We had our first real English snow, and the little guy got to help build his first snowman.

My husband and I got to shake the hand of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force at a shmancy awards banquet (and the baby got to hang out with two gorgeous babysitters who were the lucky first non-relatives to ever put him to bed).

I had my first test run at visiting the ER as a mom. We don’t have urgent care here and we couldn’t get an appointment with the pediatrician to see why Walden was crying inconsolably for two hours. There was a fever and some fluid behind his ears, but no infection. They gave us some Motrin and kept the hours we spent there. I unknowingly dropped Big Bird on the street on our way home in the rain. He has been bathed. And we’re still working on the fever.

Yesterday was the 10th Valentine’s Day my hubby and I have shared. TEN! It was nice to spend it together, even if it was just a quiet night in with TV shows we purchased on iTunes.

And so we spend our days awaiting the arrival of spring!

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