Kicking Off the Blankets

Hello, 2012!

You know that sluggish feeling you have after a loooooong nap? Where you just can’t wake up? At least, that’s how I remember it. It’s how I’ve been feeling lately… without the benefit of a nap.

Winter has never been my best season. I used to blame the weather, but now I also blame the really long nights. Also, I think I burned up my energy reserves dealing with the move and everything that came before December.

I’m still not recharged.

I started a recap of the past year for this blog, but re-reading all of the drama of the year (including the drama that I’ve kept from this site) was emotionally draining. Rather than publishing the post, which was reading like a recipe for a pity party, I’ve decided instead to focus on how GREAT 2012 is going to be.

While I’ve barely left my house since it began, I just know it’s going to be way better than last year. Like, the Best Year Yet! (Once I find the energy for it.)

We’re planning some great trips, I’m committing to learning my camera and improving my photography, my slow cooker is going to become my new best friend, and the little one is going to get out to all kinds of fun British play groups.

Family, food and fun! What do you have in store for 2012?


2 thoughts on “Kicking Off the Blankets

  1. Happy New Year! Let’s see… 2012 is bringing us a new baby, our first deployment, and…. I really can’t get past the first two. BE GENTLE 2012. PLEASE. ;)

  2. Those are some big firsts! I’m hoping for you that all goes well (and you don’t have to replace any appliances or vehicles in the first week of the deployment). It will all be here and gone before you know it, though!

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