Stay-at-home-sometimes-solo Mom

Also, Re: SAHSSM

As a SAHSSM, I am especially fond of spending time as a family. A WHOLE family. Dad and kid and me. We can even throw in a grandpa. Good stuff.

My husband took off last week (well, except for one day) to do saint-worthy things such as transporting my dad to and from Heathrow; taking my dad out for pints; taking my dad on tours of a local distillery and brewery; running all over town to find a fresh turkey; picking up propane for the grill… in addition to squeezing in some bike rides. We walked the dog, toured the Tower of London, devoured two Thanksgiving meals, discovered Bury’s Christmas Fayre.

Who knew vacation could be so much work? So we thought we could look forward to a couple of weeks of getting back to “normal.”

Except it sounds like there are many early mornings and late nights coming up, where he’s not going to see much (if any) of the kiddo (or me) until the weekend. So… he’s home, but I’m still doing the solo mom thing.

I guess what I’m coming to realize is that normal for us probably won’t mean that he leaves for work when we’re awake and gets home before dark in time to help put the baby to bed. That all we have is maybe the weekends to do the whole family thing. At least until the next TDY.

This is all a long way of making excuses for not having any photos to post this month. My last photo safari came to a screeching halt when I saw through my viewfinder that there was a Parkers Piece-soaked cigarette butt in my child’s mouth. And my friend and I left the baby’s one year photo shoot muddy, sweating and out of breath. He requires my full attention. So I’m hoping to take advantage of our family weekends to learn my camera better and capture these good days.


2 thoughts on “Also, Re: SAHSSM

  1. Thanks for the encouragement! I actually sat down with my owner’s manual last night. Now I just need to get out of the house…

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