Military Life


We have too much stuff.

Our household goods arrived a week ago, no less than 5 weeks later than expected. Which was probably a good thing – I had moved on in the process of buyer’s remorse from complete distress over how it would all fit to relief at FINALLY having a decent knife to chop with. That said, it’s clear our big ol’ house in Omaha allowed us to collect waaaaaay more stuff than could possibly be practical.

There’s useful stuff that one day we’ll need and would be angry with ourselves if we happened to give it away. Think camping gear (i.e. a cooking grate, titanium coffee mug, sporks), sewing supplies, a band saw, baby stuff.

There’s useful stuff that multiplied without our careful attention – 14 water bottles, 18 backpacks, 6 decks of cards.

There’s ridiculous stuff that could be useful in the appropriate situation, if you’re 24, i.e. a fog machine, Family Guy shot glasses.

There’s absolute junk: the molar brackets from braces; expired vitamins.

So, my days and evenings are full of unpacking and sorting and giving away and rearranging and a never ending to do list. I’m curious to know from those of you who have moved before: what’s the weirdest thing that you discovered when moving?


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