8 Things I Learned in Italy

I took the baby to Italy, all by myself! We met up with the Mister there, but it was our first international flight with just the two of us. There was much I learned about getting to Italy, which I will save for a later post about general Things To Know When Flying Out of the UK with an Infant. But I learned yet more in Italy, which I share with you today.

  1. I really, really like big mugs of coffee.
  2. Venice is not a place to travel to alone with an infant in a stroller. Unless you’re a masochist.
  3. They eat horse there and feed it to their babies.
  4. “Beautiful” and “baby” are “bellisimo” and “bambino.” “Nome”=”name” and “Walden” is certain to elicit from old ladies a look that seems to say in Italian, “You poor child, I can’t understand what they call you. I would have called you Michael.”
  5. There are many people on this planet who do not speak ANY English. Download a language app before you go to learn such things as the word for donkey, which may appear on your menu.
  6. Americans do not dress well.
  7. Sometimes it’s OK to be a tourist and act like one. Especially when you all have to pay $2 to use the restroom.
  8. Bats are kind of cute.

Soon I will post details on our adventures, but now I must prepare for the long (long, long) awaited arrival of our stuff from Omaha. I’m curious to know how much stuff the baby has outgrown in the last 15 weeks.

In the mean time… have you been to Italy? What did you learn there?

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