English-y-ish Gift Ideas

I had the idea for an English gift-themed post prior to receiving a “Keep Calm and Drink Wine” coffee mug from a friend this week (you know, derived from the ubiquitous “Keep Calm & Carry On” thing). It started as a daydream about what gifts I might receive for my birthday. Let’s just say that the “Keep Calm and Drink Champagne” mug I saw once got me to thinkin’.

My perspective on these is simply as someone who just moved here and is very excited to explore, starting with what I know. As such, this is my way of setting up a disclaimer that I in no way claim this to be some sort of all-encompassing, super-duper authentic list of Things English. No, this is much rather a quick list of things that remind me of here. If you have better or more ideas, please post in the comments below! Until then, here are some Things that Make an American Living in England Think About England, and Would Make Decent Gifts for Someone Who Might Be Into That Kind Of Thing.

  1. The Finest Tea Collection, from Whittard (£15)
  2. Jasper Conran at Wedgwood 
Kilim Teacup & Saucer Pair (£65)
  3. The Beatles albums, duh
  4. Yardley of London Lavender Bath Foam (£4.99)
  5. Hamptons Backpack Picnic Basket with Blanket, by Picnic at Ascot ($114)
  6. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare ($18)
  7. And, should the recipient of your gift be living in England, gift memberships to English Heritage or National Trust are nice ways of setting up free day trips for near-batty moms
I will admit that just about everything on my list is a preconceived notion from my days back on the other side of the Atlantic. However, I’m ecstatic to add picnicking to my little list of things I think of when I think of England… especially because it’s a perfect pairing with our little days out to English Heritage and National Trust sites around here (and it’s a perfect excuse to eat delicious English cheese for a meal!).
When my Kindle arrives, I’ll be sure to download some free English classics. Which would you recommend?

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