Pretty Gratefull

You know those friends who make you feel special and beautiful even though you look (and possibly smell) like you’ve been dragged through a horse stable and have the social competence of someone who was for days accidentally locked in a spider-infested cellar in the company of a creepy Fisher Price toy with dying batteries and no off button? These are the same friends who will let you know that maybe camel-colored leggings aren’t your best look, so you think you can believe anything they tell you. Be thankful for that.

They’ll listen to you whine but then artfully figure out how to distract you (i.e. booze, ice cream, pedicures) so they don’t have to listen to you any more. Likely they’ll convince you that you DO deserve to splurge on a little something for yourself. (Especially if it’s your birthday month; extra-especially if it’s your birthday week.)

And they’ll make you feel good about being the kind of geek that points out misspelled words painted on taco stand walls.

Yeah, they’re pretty great.


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