The Two Week Wall

I assume that if something happens 100% of the time, it’s pretty valid.

Some deployments are inevitably easier than others, depending on length of duration, accessibility to Skype (or regular-ole internet, or satellite phones), and the likelihood of something related being reported in the news. I can’t vouch for how it goes for everyone, but within the spectrum I know (after nine goes at it) I see a pattern: you hit a wall after two weeks.

I find that I have to get myself psyched up for the deployment. I remind myself of what a strong, capable woman I am. I remind myself that there are a million things I want to do that my husband has no interest in that I’ll do when he’s gone. I remind myself that I’ll have many quiet nights to read, eat only butternut squash for dinner and sprawl out across the entire bed for the whole night. But, without fail, it always gets old after two weeks.

The last time I was at this wall, this point when it feels like time has stood still and there’s an insurmountable amount of time until I’ll see him again, I brewed myself some Bedtime Yogi tea and saw the above message: You must know that you can swim through every tide and change of time.

So, if you too are at a wall – it doesn’t have to be a deployment, maybe it’s ANOTHER sleepless night with a new baby, an uncertain day in a new place, or just a really, really rough patch – I hope this little note gives you some strength to know you’ll get through it.


4 thoughts on “The Two Week Wall

  1. You are such an awesome wife, mom, woman! I’m so proud to call you a friend. Thanks for taking the time to write such an inspirational message. I needed it! Love you and miss you! As they say, “hang in there!”

  2. Thanks for sharing Lynn. I feel a little less alone in the world now :) Big hugs from Austin.

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