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The Eagle Has Landed!

We made it to England! It has been nearly a week and it still feels surreal. Perhaps because I’m exhausted?

Here’s what the people who care want to know in 8 bullets:

  • Walden is a champ. He would prefer not to endure the hours in his car seat as we drive around looking for a home, but the English ladies adore him. (And the international verdict is in: he looks like his dad.)
  • The weather and scenery has been absolutely lovely since we arrived. (Do I sound British yet?) First impression: I’m going to like it here!
  • Temporary housing on base is fine. They have provided everything we need, minus a bottle opener, plus a small army of ants.
  • We haven’t found a place to live yet. We’re working really hard to find a place in walking distance to the town centre of Bury St. Edmunds, ideally one with a kitchen that has been updated since the house had a servant. That way I can finally make my own baby food and won’t have to drive to things like story time at the library, play group, Boots or H&M.
  • We did find a super-cheap, super-small, super-efficient car! (Not that it was hard, they’re kind of everywhere.) We’re now sporting a silver right-hand drive 2005 Daihatsu Sirion. It is mandatory that you emphasize the middle syllable of di-HAHT-su and accompany it with an upward fist pump in our company.
  • I have tried driving. It felt liberating, like I imagine it must have felt to drive a horseless carriage for the first time at the beginning of the last century. Miraculously, I didn’t throw up from fear and I only clipped one hedge with the left-hand side view mirror.
  • Did I mention that I’m now a proud, geeky owner of an iPhone? I was debating whether or not I would announce that and become one of those people, but, well, here I go. We’re testing the waters of European mobile contracts by seeing just how many outgoing minutes we use on calls and how much data we use with the network. It’s a very different thing than our free in-network, free at-night calls, unlimited text and unlimited data plan that meant we only ever used 6 of 1500 minutes a month in calls back in the states.
  • No, we haven’t met Wills and Kate.

I look forward to having more time to explore and take photos. Hopefully the house hunt will end this week and we can take our first family day trip since the little man came on the scene. Will we go to the coast? Hike the forest? Shear a sheep? Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “The Eagle Has Landed!

  1. I forgot all about Boots! Even their drugstores are cooler than ours. And I’m also the proud new owner of an iPhone! Think we can play Words with Friends across continents?

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