Running Out of Time!

The movers come tomorrow!

We underestimated how much having a baby around can interfere with accomplishing things, and so are sad to have to pass on a trip to the zoo with our good friends today. Fortunately our To Do list should be done by the time the movers haul out the last of our things on Friday so that we can enjoy our last weekend in town.

Today we are packing up everything we want to take with us on the plane so that the movers don’t pack what we need. That means we need to figure out what we need for two months that will fit into six bags total and add up to less than 70 pounds per bag. I have a hard enough time packing lightly for a weekend trip anywhere. How am I supposed to know what I’ll want to have around in 5 weeks? Rather, will the baby be big enough for the next size before our stuff is delivered?

I know that we’ll be able to get pretty much anything we want there, so I don’t have to load up on coffee beans, barbecue sauce and taco seasoning. I’m grateful that I don’t require hair styling tools, or much of anything that isn’t a cardigan, hiking boots or my Mac. That way we have more room for baby toys.

Though you know I’ll have plenty of diapers and formula on hand, just in case

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