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Don’t Forget Your Inner Hippie

Like widow’s peaks and cleft chins, inner hippies aren’t something everyone has. Me, I have all three.

I never fully embraced hippie-ness, as I felt my leg hair was too dark to not shave, my boobs were too big to reject a bra and I really liked rules and being on time. But there are some basic components of Hippie that I certainly bought into during college:

  • Dance like no one’s looking
  • Never miss a chance to frolic barefoot in the grass under blue skies and sunshine
  • Love, love, love
  • Find a way to laugh when you want to cry

You certainly wouldn’t be wrong to point out that I don’t always act like I believe in those things. There’s work, and responsibilities, and general taking-care-of-things that always seems to get in the way of them. But just as I always think to water the Christmas cactus and turn it toward the light just before the plant nearly dies, it seems I always think to get in touch with my inner hippie just when it’s about to disappear forever.

There are so many things to stress about with the upcoming move. We’re but 10 days away from boarding a plane to the UK with six 70-pound bags, a car seat, a stroller and our carry-ons, and no place to call a home there. There’s the house in Omaha that’s neither sold nor rented, the new A/C and refrigerator we’ve had to purchase in the last couple of weeks, the stuff to sell, the packing to do, the people we’ve said good-bye to, the dogs we’ve said good-bye to (for now), the friends we have yet to say good-bye to, my sister who I’ll have to say good-bye to.

There are the fresh reminders of how nice it was to have a place that always was and still is home, and the reality that Walden simply won’t have that. Not for a while at least. And there are the reminders of how quickly time passes and how important it is to do the things you want to do and say the things you want to say when you have the chance.

Throw a teething, newly mobile baby in the mix and it might be easy to want to break down, even when you know there’s no good reason to feel sorry for yourself.

And that’s when having that inner hippie comes in handy!

Turn on the Phish Pandora station, dance until the baby laughs, walk barefoot in the sunshine until you smile, and just love, love, love the people surrounding you at this moment until you forget that you’re stressed out at all.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Forget Your Inner Hippie

  1. Thank you for always being you….I’m grateful for all the years and the way too long hours with you…and for sharing your inner hippie when the responsibilities seemed overwhelming.

  2. Beautifully written!! Made me cry. Praying for you guys. I’m proud to say I know the inner hippe in you :) love ya girl. Its gonna be a marvelous ride!

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