You know the formula: the by-the-book brainiac, the free-spirit, the saucy lady and the sweetest person on earth. Bring them together through some formative years and BAM!, you have a recipe for life-long friends. At least in Hollywood (see also Sex and the City and the movie Shag) and my life you do.

This is the group of friends that takes ridiculous road trips together. They gush everything to each other until the sun comes up, would do anything for each other, never like the same guys, and continue to get together a decade after wandering from the nest (thank you, Internet!).

It’s inevitable that we’ll change over time, that we become our adult selves who are no longer the scared, naive kids we once were. That we’ll no longer have sleepovers or sneak our parents’ liquor in the middle of the night. That no one will ever know you the way those friends really know you.

That fact is a hard pill to swallow, especially as a military wife. We’re going to move every few years, sending off and leaving behind friends everywhere we go. (Again, so glad for the Internet to be able to easily stay in touch with these people!) Each place is a new start. When we got to Omaha, I was a young professional and also just another LT’s new wife. When we get to England, I’ll be Walden’s mom and the new guy’s wife to most people we’ll meet at first. It’s up to me to define who I am from there, as there just isn’t time to fill in all of that backstory.

I know I’ll never be able to find stand-ins for that group of girls. So far I’ve found other great friends that fit the bill for my adult life. And on our new journey I know I’ll find new friends. But it still sucks to say good-bye for a while.

2 thoughts on “Besties

  1. Aw!! How am I just now seeing this! You are amazing and you have great friends that love to travel to anywhere you are!! Love you mucho!!

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