A ~New~ Day

There’s so much to say about Walden’s first trip to the zoo, about the things we’re trying to squeeze in before leaving, about the big decisions we’re making related to moving to the UK in 5 weeks. But at this moment, none of it seems as important as acknowledging what an important day in U.S. history today is.

By now you have undoubtedly heard that Osama bin Laden is dead. It has been a quest of our government and armed forces through my entire adult life. My marriage has been affected by it; my husband has been deployed overseas to support the hunt for more than 1/3 of our time together so far. Though I can’t possibly know what it was like to be in New York City on 9-11, I’ve felt the solemnity of Ground Zero and the bitter sorrow of friends who lost loved ones there. My heart has grown heavy standing in the Pentagon where Flight 77 crashed. The fact that bin Laden has been found and killed does provide some sense of purpose to the past 10 years, and some sense of closure to those horrible events.

While it’s certainly worth celebrating that “justice has been served,” I only wish this moment would merit jumping up and down on my lawn with champagne flying through the air as a parade pushes through the street. I wish it meant that we know right now that my son’s father won’t miss first steps, first days of school, recitals, games, breakups, successes and failures. That our lives won’t be crammed into 3-6 month chunks from now until he’s done serving our country. That our Walden will grow up in a time without war.

Despite the fact that the “war on terror” continues, I definitely enjoy the collective sense of joy our nation is experiencing at this very second. Somehow it seems to me like going shopping (while wearing makeup and, if it were warmer, a short dress) would be the most appropriate way to celebrate today. Are you celebrating? How?

2 thoughts on “A ~New~ Day

  1. I haven’t felt things the way you have. While my husband helps prepare troops for what they’ll experience in the Middle East or in their military experience, he is here with us. I remember 9-11 and the way that the days that followed felt, but I’ve never been there, never talked to a family member who lost someone either on 9-11 or in the war. I don’t have the same experiences.

    I’m glad that they found him, that he will no longer be a threat. But I guess that I’m finding it hard to celebrate. Lots of people have died. Lots of good people have died. Either by his plans or trying to find him. For some reason that keeps popping in my head.

    I heard someone say last night that they thought the Taliban would come to our side now and that Al Queda would disintegrate. I just don’t know about that. I think that there will always be extremists.

    I guess while I think his being captured is good and absolutely important, I think it’s hard not to forget those things, too.

  2. I definitely get your perspective, Dani. If only the things he caused could be undone…

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