Cupboard Challenge

I was raised to clean my plate and to save packing boxes and bubble wrap in case they can be reused. So the thought of tossing out the unused food in our cabinets simply does not compute. But shipping it ON A SHIP is hardly practical (that’s how all of our stuff is going to get to the UK, by the way). Ultimately, I know I can unload the best stuff on my friends (as in, I just may start a waiting list for my canisters of Greek olive oil). But that half-empty box of Hy-Vee brand instant rice? Maybe not.

So. I’m trying to find a balance between no-pressure cooking for pleasure and the pressure of being a stay-at-home mom who should put dinner on the table in order to do my best to clear out our cabinets in the 3 weeks I have/however long I actually have until the movers take away all of my cooking stuff. There’s much couscous in our very near future.


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