Getting Real About Selling the House

We have known from the very first day that we moved to Omaha that one day we would leave. For the first few years it felt like perhaps it could be at any time. But after that, it felt more certain that it would be much farther in the future than at least I had really anticipated. Now, 6 years later, it’s a reality that we’re moving on. After 6 years of creating a home – our first home – it’s time to sell and start the next chapter. Once that reality sank in, the first question to tackle: how do we sell our home?

If we had more than 75 days or so to sell, we would have considered attempting to sell by owner. But given the time constraint and extra responsibility of taking care of an infant, the prospect of achieving that seemed daunting. So. We knew we had to find a Realtor.

You probably have a friend or an aunt or a neighbor who is a Realtor. It seems we all do. And that makes it hard to know where to begin in the search. Who do you talk to first? Whose feelings are you afraid of hurting? So we took a typical-for-us very rational approach. We asked ourselves this question about those people:

  • Do they have experience selling homes in our price range in our part of town?

The answer for all was pretty much No. So that left us nowhere. Next we contacted other military families who have recently sold homes here for references. We called them and met with them, and basically made a decision based on the question above. Not everyone has experience in successfully navigating the sale of a home that has endured a century of existence. Of course, we’ll see how well that pans out. Fortunately our Realtor also is approved by USAA’s Mover’s Advantage program, and we’ll get a check for real cash-money when the sale of our house closes. (CBSHome is part of the program, if you’re looking to sell in Omaha.)

Having a For Sale sign in the front yard makes me feel very self conscious. I imagine that people are judging the appearance of my home and yard. I imagine that people are more likely to notice when I leave my house. And I wonder if people are projecting an idea of what the house might be like based on how I wrestle the car seat into my sedan. Having the house on the market certainly makes me fret over the things I don’t like about the house – surely everyone else notices those things.

Waves of sentimentality come and go. Ultimately I feel that the character of this house will always provide the setting for the chapter of our early life together, when we were young and just married, before we had kids. And, as what I’m sure happens with any first home, it has been a source for learning so much about our adult selves. What types of projects we’re good at, which we despise; what kinds of spaces we want for ourselves and what we want to do differently in our next real home. I’m so excited for what’s next.

And I really hope we find a buyer who’s looking for a quirky house like ours!


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