Happy Valentine’s Day!

Sunday morning my husband asked if I wanted breakfast from Bread Oven.  I instantly jumped to the conclusion that he wanted an excuse to go there to pick up my annual box of fancy chocolates. And I was right!

It’s a little sad that they aren’t the local Sweets of Eden as they were in the past two years… but I’m sure these Christopher Elbow Artisanal Chocolates will help me get over that pretty quickly. I’m very interested to try the non-traditional flavors, like rosemary infused caramel and caramel with balsamic vinegar. But I’m also very interested in my favorite flavors, like Venezuelan Spice (mmmm, spicy chocolate!), hazelnuts in milk chocolate or caramelized macadamia nuts with milk chocolate and sea salt.

These are definitely the kind of chocolates to be savored. Where to begin?

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