This Winter

A friend recently steered me to this giant snowman in a nearby neighborhood. I love the joy of it – a 10′ tall snowman in the midst of one of our crappiest winters.

It’s difficult to resist the temptation to hunker down against each half foot of snow that falls, but the reality is that life goes on despite the snow. This winter I have made a point to not use the weather as an excuse to avoid leaving the house.  So far it has been a worthy commitment to myself. I’m experiencing interesting and inspiring things and people, I’m seeing the value of my personal relationships in a new light and I’ve stuck to a gym schedule that is helping me feel amazing. And it seems to me that all of those things are working together to make this lousy winter not so bad after all.

And, in all fairness of disclosure, it helps that now the hubs is home for a while, too. Being apart for months at a time really puts into perspective just how important my best friend and partner in life is to me. Well, that, and movies like A Single Man.


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