Chasing the Toucan

A year ago (in Costa Rica), we took long drives to beautiful national parks and long hikes up volcanoes and through rain forests. And each day, I looked and looked and looked for a toucan. We never spotted a toucan close enough to truly see, and  joked on a drive one night that perhaps one would appear in the pitch black night on a stool in the middle of the unpaved road with a cup of tea and a crossword puzzle. It was sometime around this time that I realized one very important thing about life: I was taking everything too seriously. Myself and work, mostly. And that realization led to the revelation that what I want most in life is to build a family and to surround it with love and joy. And things like drawings of toucans with monocles and newspapers.

It’s hard to be true to yourself. Let’s give it a try today!

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