Fun with Polenta

I woke up yesterday thinking that a roasted corn salsa would be delicious, and that it could probably go with a southwest grilled salmon, and that maybe some polenta would be a nice accompaniment for both. Yesterday being a Farmer’s Market day (and one of the last 3 of the year!!), I was excited to make a go for it.

Well. It was all fine… but my achievement of the night was the eureka! moment that led me to letting the polenta cool in ramekins in order to create individual-sized structured portions. I mean, duh, really. But it seemed genious at the time. While I got an A for presentation, I would give myself a C- for flavor. Next time: use a polenta recipe. Though I am excited to know that I can slice off a slab of the stuff and grill it with some seasoning (and probably should have done that for this meal…).

So, next time you’re cooking polenta, consider letting it cool in small (oiled) dishes for a fun touch. But don’t expect the “wow” factor to overshadow lackluster flavors; it doesn’t work.

In the mean time, I might want to try out these polenta recipes:

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