Vegetable Weekend

Thursday I was offered a chance to pick up an unclaimed CSA share, and naturally couldn’t refuse. We came into a bounty of tomatoes, potatoes, cabbage, kale, beans, peppers, broccoli, raspberries and more. So we have been eating many vegetables! My favorite is a fresh herb-and-tomato salsa made with these delicious cherry tomatoes.

Despite the abundance of veggies, I had to go to the Farmer’s Market Saturday to check out the Toyota Farm to Table Tour. This promotion for the Prius set up food stations throughout the market where area chefs provided samples of dishes made from stuff found at the Market. If you got your passport stamped at three stations, you received a free potted culinary herb. (Alas, no extra credit for hitting them all!)

I loved this roasted beets with sprouts and goat cheese dressing by the chef from Upstream. A curried carrot soup with coconut (here’s the recipe!) by Elle Lien at Clean Plate was absolutely delicious (PS, check out its website/blog for some lovely photos). So now I’m sad to learn that Clean Plate is in its last week at the Empty RoomLa Buvette‘s chilled cucumber soup was refreshing and spicy (if very garlicky). In all, I’m glad I didn’t skip out just because I have an overflowing kitchen of vegetables.

Plus, I have a potted marjoram plant to show for it!


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