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Blueberry Dreams

Four years ago this month, we took our honeymoon to France to see Lance Armstrong ride his (ahem) *last* Tour de France. Before spending our last few days there in Paris, we stayed in Lourdes to be a short train ride from Pau, to catch the end of a big mountain stage. We then traveled to Strasbourg to meet up with some in-laws, to travel into the Black Forest to Hornburg, Germany, to meet my new husband’s cousins. One night, many of his German cousins traveled into town and we all met for dinner at the Adler Inn – apparently a must when the American cousins come to town. We took over a whole room, laughing and drinking (and, in my case, smiling a lot, trying to make conversation with someone’s very nice girlfriend in her broken English). And there I had one of the best desserts I’ve ever had: fresh blueberries and cream.

So, this morning as I eat some store-bought blueberries with yogurt, I’m thinking of how blessed I am to have had the opportunity 1) to travel to Europe at all and 2) to meet my husband’s extended family in their ancestral home. And I’m also curious to know about my doppelganger, who (according to our waitress and a couple of locals) lives in Hornburg, Germany, too…

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