Food Obsession

I find it exciting that I’ve recently come to realize that I would really like to get into food photography. I know very little about it (as you might guess from looking at the food shots I’ve posted here), but it kind of calls to me. So I want to learn more. The great things about this are:

  1. I get to practice. With food!
  2. I always liked dressing up dessert plates when I worked at a restaurant. That translates well, I think.
  3. I think I’ll need some new props…
  4. It’s a focused, constructive way to learn some photography techniques.

My weekend project will be to do some exploring, starting with these places:

I can’t wait to share more!

2 thoughts on “Food Obsession

  1. I just discovered this post about the 2009 International Conference of Food Styling & Photography Master Class at Still Life With:, an insider look at a couple of food photography studios. Very cool!

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